December 9th is a day many boxing fans will be glued to their TVs. Vasyl Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeaux are set to embark on a fight like no other. Two highly skilled southpaw boxers facing one another is far from typical. In one corner you have a fighter that many believe to be the new pound-for-pound king, Vasyl. The other corner is home to a boxer who has been constantly avoided, Rigondeaux. The experts are torn on who will be victorious.

The hype following Vasyl Lomachenko will be validated if he were to win in impressive fashion. Lomachenko is regarded as one of the best new professional boxers. His high volume style is captivating. Vasyl throws punches in bunches, and seemingly disappears when fighters try to retaliate. His footwork is that of a ballerina. Just beautifully gliding around his opponents as if both choreographed it the night before. But that constant action is exactly what Guillermo wants.

Guillermo Rigondeaux is undefeated in his 17 fights. In the past three years, Guillermo has only fought three times; something he would say is due to a lack of willing opponents. After watching his highlights, I wouldn’t disagree. Guillermo is extremely elusive. He isn’t extremely active, but he applies constant pressure with tremendous footwork and powerful strikes. Rigondeaux broke James Dickens’ jaw in the second round, which stopped the fight. Guillermo will avoid punches and then deliver one-punch knockouts. This makes Vasyl the perfect opponent.

It is always difficult to predict a fight; anything can happen when fists are flying. The battle between Vasyl and Guillermo is entertaining due to their differences. Both are southpaws, but one is an active striker, while the other is a defensive knockout artist. Vasyl is the bigger fighter, but Guillermo has about a three-inch reach advantage. I have Vasyl winning by unanimous decision.

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