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Overall Record: 30-17


Stephen Thompson vs. Jorge Masvidal

This fight will be one of the best of the entire night. Despite the lack of hype, these two fighters are extremely talented and very different. Masvidal is a born fighter and will want to rough Thompson up. Meanwhile, Thompson is one of the most skilled strikers in the entire organization.

Masvidal will look to push the pace in this fight and try to get Thompson off balance. If he is able to get Thompson to the ground, he will be in great shape.

Thompson will want this fight to become an exhibition of striking. He will want Masvidal to sit back so he can pick him apart. The only problem is, Masvidal has never been known to do this.

I think this fight will get ugly and Thompson will have to show his toughness. Masvidal will land and Thompson will have to counter. Expect a great one here.

Masvidal by Decision


Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Rose Namajunas

The first of the three championship matchups will be between Joanna champion and thug Rose. Both fighters are tough as nails. Even though Rose is a little quieter about her business, she will be ready for this one.

Joanna is one of the best overall strikers in the UFC. Thus, she will be trying to tie the all-time record for title defenses. She has amazing cardio and will be able to go the distance if Rose lasts that long.

Rose is durable and has all the tools. Her best chance is to get this fight onto the mat. If she can turn this into a wrestling and jiu-jitsu fight, she may have a chance.

If this fight stays standing, it’s only a matter of time before Joanna shows her greatness and begins to dominate. It will be interesting to see the game plan for Rose, but I think she will have a lot of trouble landing in this one.

Joanna by TKO


Cody Garbrandt vs. TJ Dillashaw

This is the fight I’m most excited for. These two legitimately hate each other. Former teammates and friends, these two fighters will be trying to dominate. Problem is, they’re both extremely good.

Garbrandt embarrassed Dominick Cruz to get the belt in his last fight. He at one point made Cruz miss so much that he started dancing in the middle of the ring. He also put Cruz down many times and showed the world that he’s the real deal.

However, this was not the case for Dillashaw. In his fight versus Cruz, he was beaten by decision and missed a lot of strikes. This would worry me in the Dillashaw camp, because Garbrandt has the clear power advantage. If Garbrandt can make Dillashaw miss a lot, he will be able to answer with power.

I believe the fight will go one of two ways. Dillashaw could outclass Garbrandt. He has been in more high-level fights and could show his experience here. If he comes in unemotional, which I doubt, he could pick Garbrandt apart. In the other scenario, Garbrandt could match Dillashaw’s striking skill and could impose his physicality and toughness. There is no doubt in my mind that Garbrandt can hurt Dillashaw with one big blow. In a five-round fight, one shot could be the difference.

Garbrandt by TKO


Georges St-Pierre vs. Michael Bisping

GSP is arguably the best fighter of all-time. He has a record of 29-2 and before retirement was dominating the UFC. His return, after a four-year break, is much needed for the UFC and what’s even better is that Bisping is a perfect opponent.

Bisping has never been one to shy away from a fight or conversation. Bisping has the gift of gab and uses it effectively. GSP, on the other hand, is not a known trash talker and has been saving his talk for the octagon.

As far as fight analysis goes, it’s tough to read this one. After a four-year break, no one really knows what GSP will look like. Will he be his vintage self, or will he look like an older slower version?

Bisping has been a tough fighter throughout his career and will push GSP. If this fight goes to the ground, the advantage is for GSP, but Bisping knows this. Expect this fight to be on the feet more than on the mat. Also, expect GSP to show an improved striking ability.

Bisping by Decision


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